Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Happy 5 Month Birthday!!!

Another month is gone!!! Wahhh!!! Somebody stop the time from going so quickly.  I just can’t keep up with this BIG boy over here.  Old people [ :) ] use to always say that time flies the older you get….well now I’m the one always saying time flies! For the record, I don’t like it!  Enough whining….

Parker is another month older meaning he is that much closer to his half birthday! This age is so much fun and I am trying to take every minute and precious moment in and remember it forever! Sappy, I know, I just can’t help it! I’m a mom now so I am allowed to be sappy and over emotional, right?! :)
Here is what Mr. Parker is up to this last month:

  • Foods

It was time!  I tried to wait as long as I could to start solids simply because people kept telling me how much of a hassle it was.  Now that Parker has been eating solids once a day for about a month now, it’s really not much of a hassle.  He does tend to make a mess of himself but I do my best to make sure it doesn’t get out of control.  His actual first food was……SALMON!  Yes, you read right, Kyle insisted on giving Parker a flake of salmon sometime last month and he didn’t like it!! (Ask Kyle and he will tell you a different story but I am telling you all, he didn’t like it!)  :) When we were in California I couldn’t deny Parker the amazing fruit that was around us at the fruit stand so that was when it all started.  First he tried a white peach and liked it!!  He then tried a plum and he LOVED it!  He was sucking and gnawing on it for awhile.  He couldn’t get enough!  Since our trip to California he has tried a new item every week.  The first week in September we started oatmeal.  He liked it okay but he wasn’t crazy about it.  I tried it as well and I wouldn’t like it if I were him either. Parker has now eaten bananas, sweet potatoes, apples and green beans. So far he seems to be the fondest of the bananas and sweet potatoes.  Right now we are on day 5 of green beans and I think it is safe to say that he doesn’t really care of them….at all…haha.   Next up is avocado!!

  • Laughing and smiling all the time

I have met many babies in my days and I feel comfortable saying that Parker is a really happy baby.  He laughs a lot!  I love it.  I stay home with Parker and a good amount of my time is spent making him laugh.  If there were cameras in my house....haha….I would for sure look like a nut case. :) Parker loves when Kyle comes home.  He is all smiles and giggles for about an hour and then it starts getting close to bed time.  Poor Daddy, comes home just in time! :)

  • Rolling all over the place

In the update from last month I said he was rolling all around and he was but it is different now!!  He is rolling but rolling QUICK!  I go into the kitchen to get my breakfast and next thing I know he is under the table or…….squeaking the dog toy with his mouth!!! :-/ Uhhh…yes, that happened.  I would have taken a picture if I wasn’t so disgusted.    

This would be what happens when you play too hard early in the AM.  He was maybe playing for 2 minutes and this is what he looked like...haha.

  • Teething

It is safe to say that we have entered teething madness.  Over the last week I can tell that his teeth are bothering him a bit.  I can see the two little teeth under the gums but they still haven’t broken through.  I’m sure it’ll happen any time now.

  • Baby teething cookies

I bought Parker some teething cookies and he loves them! They make a huge mess but it is worth it.  I give him one in his high chair and he just goes to town.  For anyone interested they are “Wheat Teething Cookies” from Whole Foods.

  • Loves Xena

Parker had been following Xena with his eyes for awhile now but over the last few weeks he has really started to notice her. He watches her, reaches for her and thinks it hilarious when she runs around squeaking her toys.   

  • Loves bath time

Parker has always enjoyed bath time but he has taken it to a whole new level over the last few weeks. He has been taking baths in the regular tub for awhile now so he has a ton of room.  Well he now loves to kick and splash as much as possible. It is so cute to watch him kick and punch like crazy and once the water starts splashing him, he smiles and laughs like crazy. 

  • Chatterbox

I have a feeling Parker is going to be rather……uhh…..talkative. :)  I know that I was shy and quiet as a child but I am pretty sure he is taking after Kyle in the communication department.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that! :) Parker is always babbling, screeching, laughing or blowing bubbles.  It’s not boring around here, that’s for sure!

I am so lucky to have a wonderful husband who is home every night and is such an amazing Daddy. Heavenly Father has truly blessed us by sending Parker to us and we are thankful every day for him!   


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big ol' 4 month old!

Today we had Parker’s 4 month check up!  Everything went great!  He is growing like a weed and is doing all of the little things that he should be (ex: smile, coo, kick around, roll and eye contact).  I didn’t have any questions for the doctor so we talked about starting solids which was exciting.  The pediatrician said that I should try to wait until 6 months but if I feel like he is ready before then I can give it a go.  As of right now I think we are going to hold off for a little longer.  Parker is definitely starting to look at my food and drinks so if I had to guess I would say he will be ready in about a month.  (NOTE: MOTHER...this means not sneaking him tastes when we see you in a week!) =)     

The stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 14 ounces, 53rd percentile

Height: 27 inches, 94th percentile
We still have one tall skinny boy over here! 

  • Jumper

We have the Evenflo Jumper and so far we like it.  

Now that Parker has pretty good head control I put together a few new toys for him.  So far he has only been in his jumper one time.  Kyle and I were both sitting there watching him talking about how unsafe it looked. He seemed to be having a good time though.  Hahaha…first time parents? Paranoid? Protective? =) I will take it back out soon and try it again....when he (I’m) is ready! ;)  

  • Exersaucer

We have the Baby Einstein Exersaucer and I am really impressed with it.   It seems to be high quality metal which is so much better than the flimsy plastic a lot of the exersaucers are made of.  It does take up quite a bit of space but it’ll be worth it if it keeps our little man entertained!

Parker is getting use to the exersaucer by the day.  A couple weeks ago when I first introduced it to him he wasn’t very fond of it.  Now he will jump around for 10-15 minutes before he starts to fuss.  I still have to place a towel or blanket around his waist and chest otherwise he is all over the place.  

  • Crib sleeper

Yes, you read right!!! Parker is sleeping in his crib.  It was tough (for me, not him, haha) but we made it.  The first night was a little rough but not nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be.  For the most part Parker sleeps through the night.  Recently there have been a few nights where he will flip over to his belly and won’t flip himself back so he gets all sorts of upset.  It’s funny because he learned how to roll from belly to back first and now it’s like he forgot…silly boy.  

Overall, the transition to crib wasn’t bad at all.  Yes, there are nights where I have to go flip him over 8 times (like last night) but it’s not like he is throwing a fit and demanding food (yes, 4 months old can demand food). 

  • Sleeps on side

For now, Parker is a side sleeper just like his Daddy and Mommy.  He use to only sleep on his back and I do occasionally find him sleeping on his tummy but it doesn’t happen all that often.  

  • Squeals

This is Parker’s newest talent!! I have yet to get a video of it but I promise I will soon.  It is a mix of cuteness and annoyingness. Imagine the highest and loudest squeal ever + an annoyingly screechy yell and there ya go!! Get excited for the video, haha!  

  • Rolling all over

Last month Parker was only rolling belly to back and it didn’t happen all that often.  Things have changed!! He is now rolling back to belly ALL THE TIME!  I will lay him down on his back on his play mat and before I turn around he is on his belly.  Like I mentioned up above, he is now rarely rolling belly to back.  He decided it wasn’t cool anymore.  Hopefully that’ll change soon.  I see baby proofing in my very near future!! ;)

In a little over a week we are going to California.  We are so excited for Parker to meet everyone and spend so time with friends and family.  Weather here in Tennessee is starting to cool down a little and it's not TOO humid anymore.  FACT: I will never get use to humidity! =)

Onto another month!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 3 Month Birthday!!

All videos are iPhone quality, sorry!


3 Month Photos

  • First airplane ride
At the ripe old age of 3 months Parker went on his first flight!  Kyle and I were both a little nervous about the flight, especially since we had a layover.  We both did a lot of research online for tips and advice on flying with a little one.  Luckily Parker was a perfect little angel!  It was such a relief.  Parker ate and slept through every flight.  I think the sound of the plane put him to sleep so it worked out perfectly!!  We are going to California at the end of August so hopefully he will do just as good!!

Late night flight home from Utah!
  • Teething
I know this kid is only 3 months old but he is for sure teething.  We have some serious drool pools, nomming on hands and night waking going on over here.  He has several teething toys/rings but isn’t really sure what to do with them yet so unless I hold them in his mouth they aren’t getting used quite yet.  I’m sure he will figure it out soon enough!
  • Wakeful nights
So….my sleeping through the night streak has come to an end!!  What a sad day that was!  It is my own fault….I think.  I am the mean Mommy that insisted on transitioning from inclined sleeping to flat sleeping and ever since then he has not slept through the night.  Parker is now use to sleeping flat but between teething and a growing spurt he is STILL not sleeping through the night.  I know that I was lucky that he slept through the night before so now I am paying for it. ;)    
  • First belly laugh
July 5th was the day!!  We were in Utah and I was getting Parker ready for bed.  I leaned over and gave him a funny/noise kiss on his neck and he let out a super loud belly laugh!!  I called Kyle over and he started making faces and noises at him and he did it again!  I am such a sap…I got all watery eyed!  Parker now laughs a good belly laugh several times a day.  I LOVE it!
  • Rolling from belly to back
Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!  Parker is a pro at rolling tummy to back.  Tummy time barely exists anymore because as soon as I place him on his belly he flips right over to his back.  We repeat this cycle several times a day since I want him to do actual tummy time to strengthen his neck.  I think I’m losing this battle. =)

  • Likes tummy time now
Like I said above, tummy time barely exists anymore.  On the rare occasion that he does stay on his tummy he is enjoying it.  He now can hold his head up really well when lying on his tummy so he can actually see what’s going on.  I place a little mirror in front of him and he loves to just look at himself. 
  • Gags himself daily
This is both funny and scary to watch.  His hands are always in his mouth now but all of a sudden I will hear gagging noises.  I look over and such enough he is full on gagging.  By the time I sprint over to him his hands are out of his mouth and he is just staring at me like some crazy lady.  The look on his face cracks me up every time.  I’m sure he will eventually realize that he is the one doing it but until then he will continue to freak me out several times a day.
  • Discovered his feet
Oh to be a baby! A couple weeks ago Parker found his feet and he loves them.  Just this week toes now go into the mouth.  Lovely.  A good amount of time every day is spent just checking his feet out and he is especially interested in them if I put socks on him.  Fun times! =)
  • Loves staring at the TV
Call me a bad Mommy if you wish but Parker loves watching TV! It’s not like he is sitting in front of the TV staring at it all day, don’t judge me! ;) His play mat is in the middle of the family room and no matter what position I put him in he ends up facing the TV.  All of those bright flashing colors are entertaining I guess!
  • Sleeping flat
Woohoo! Parker is no longer sleeping in his Rock N Play.  This is a huge deal for us.  I can tell that he still isn’t super fond on sleeping flat but he will just have to get use to it.  ;)
  • Blows bubbles
See for yourself.  Sorry for the side angle.

In our free time I love to do random photo shoots of Parker.  He is awesome and doesn't mind at all!  Here are a few of my favorites!  His expressions say it all....

Stop changing so much little man!!! ;)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our 4th Anniversary!!

Four years ago today Kyle and I were getting married!! Ahhh!! It’s crazy how time flies.  I have been saying that a lot as of late.  It’s been an A-MAZING 4 years (11 years total of being together!). So many great memories have been made.  I can't wait to see what is in store for us for the next 80+ years! ;)

I am one lucky girl! My days are full of smiles, laughing, love and happiness.  I am so thankful for Kyle and all he does for Parker and I.  He is one amazing husband, that's for sure!  I couldn’t ask for more!  Since this is our first anniversary as Daddy and Mommy went kept it low key and just went out for an early dinner.  We went to one of our favorites here in town, Stoney River.  Never disappoints.  

4 years ago...
One of the best days of my life!

P.S. For those wondering....I did get a card this year. ;)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July from UTAH!

4th of July is my favorite holiday, don’t ask why.  Every single year Kyle asks “Val, your favorite holiday is coming up!” He then says “Why is it your favorite holiday again!?” I always say the same thing, “I like sparklers!” Haha, that isn’t really the reason, I just don’t have a good reason so naturally I say what any 3 year old kid would say, haha.

Last minute, Kyle and I decided that we wanted to go to Utah for the 4th of July.  It made me sad to think that our families wouldn’t see Parker as a baby.  He is just so cute and fun that I had to share with everyone! ;) We made an extra long weekend out of it and had a blast.  

Like always, when we go to Utah we spend all of our time with family, which we LOVE! Living away from all of our family makes us really miss everyone so when we are there we like to get together with everyone as much as possible.  

On July 4th Kyle’s parents had everyone over for a BBQ.  It was awesome! We got to see everyone and introduce Parker, eat tons of food and watch AMAZING fireworks.  Seriously, if it is up to me we will be going to Utah for every 4th of July.  ;) 

Photo recap:

July 4th
 Kyle's cousin Cody with baby Camden, Kyle and Parker!  These two little munchkins (the babies, not the Daddy's, haha) are only 1 month apart!  If you had to guess you would probably say that Parker was older, but he isn't!  Camden is 1 month older!  We can't wait to get these two together again for Christmas!

 We put on a little firework show of our own!  4th of July isn't complete without fireworks! ;)

 Lizzie holding Parker!  She was so sweet with him! She didn't like if he cried at all so she was always trying to bring him things to make him happy, haha.  Sweet girl!

 Grandma and Parker!  Poor Parker just wanted a lick of Lizzie's sucker!

Pizza Night with the Anthony's!
We also got to visit with the Anthony's when we were in Utah!  Britton, Courtney and Kaden live in Utah but Donnell, Colton, Grandpa and Grandpa drove over from Idaho!  I am so glad that Grandpa and Grandma got to meet Parker! 

 Me and Kaden, Courtney and Parker! 
Another cousin! Baby Kaden is a month younger than Parker and is such a doll! 

 Grandpa and Grandma Anthony with Parker.

The three of us with Grandpa and Grandma Anthony.


Cousins! Lizzie, Nathan, Parker and Kaden

Grandma Anthony hanging out with Parker.
Grandma Howell with Parker.

Mommy and Parker.

Aunt Donnell's Birthday Lunch in Salt Lake
Lunch at The Lion House Pantry

Grandpa and Grandma Anthony 

Random Happenings...
Lunch time!  Parker and I with Kirsten and Camden!
Spending time with Grandma Howell

Uncle Jason with Parker.

Nathan lookin' cute!

Kaden's Blessing
We were so lucky to be able to attend baby Kaden's blessing at church.  It was so special! Thank you Britton and Courtney for letting us be a part of Kaden's special day!
Our last day...
Three generations!

Leaving for the airport.

Another awesome Utah trip.  We had a blast and it was great seeing everyone.  See everyone during Christmas!! =)