Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Baby Time!

So…uhh…looks like it’s baby time over here!

Kyle and I couldn’t be more excited for our new addition that will be here in 9ish months!  My due date is April 4th, 2012! Ahhhh…crazy!  I already have a great doctor and he only delivers at a certain hospital so that is already decided.  April is so perfect here in snow, warmer weather but not humid yet…PERFECT!

It’s time to start researching baby girl and baby boy nursery ideas, thinking of possible names and reading about what we are going to be going through for the next 9ish months…I need to be prepared! =) 

Some books that have been recommended to me so far:

Belly Laughs – done!

What to Expect When Expecting

Girlfriends Guide to Pregnancy 

It’s time to get busy!