Friday, April 6, 2012

40+ weeks...Parker, it's time to come and play...

Yes…I’m here!! 

For whatever reason I didn’t really think that I would be writing a 40 week update, wishful thinking on my part I guess.  Honestly, I should have known that this little one would be late.  I was 3 weeks late(!!!)….my poor Momma, haha.  Luckily, now a days they don’t let you go that far over your due date.  If our little man doesn’t make his appearance by Wednesday, April 11th, he will be evicted! =)  There is light at the end of the tunnel….

  • How far along? 40 weeks 2 days! Wooow Momma!
  • Total weight gain: Up.
  • Maternity clothes?  Yes, yes…and….yes!  
  • Stretch marks? Yes. 
  • Sleep: Still no good.  I rotate between the sofa and bed now, depends on the night and how irritated Kyle get's with me tossing and turning every 3 minutes. =)
  • Miss Anything? Don’t get me started.
  • Movement: Yes!  The fact that he is out of room in there doesn’t bother him one bit, obviously.
  • Food cravings: Sweets.
  • Food aversions: Nothing!
  • Gender: BOY.
  • Labor Signs: Besides a few contractions earlier this week, nothing.  The contractions lasted about 45 minutes and then they disappeared! 
  • Symptoms: Carpal tunnel (still), swelling when walking for awhile…overall not too bad for being over 40 weeks!
  • Belly Button in or out? Flat.
  • Wedding rings on or off? Off.
  • Looking forward to: finally getting to meet Parker within the next 5 days…weather he likes it or not.  =)
 Kyle and I haven't really been making plans as of late.  We have been living day to day and going with the flow.  Tomorrow Kyle is "planning" on golfing with some of the guys from work and I am "planning" on going to the Farmers Market in the morning.  Other than that, no plans!  

Hopefully there will be no golfing or wandering around the Farmers Market tomorrow searching for something to make for Easter dinner! =)