Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Big ol' 4 month old!

Today we had Parker’s 4 month check up!  Everything went great!  He is growing like a weed and is doing all of the little things that he should be (ex: smile, coo, kick around, roll and eye contact).  I didn’t have any questions for the doctor so we talked about starting solids which was exciting.  The pediatrician said that I should try to wait until 6 months but if I feel like he is ready before then I can give it a go.  As of right now I think we are going to hold off for a little longer.  Parker is definitely starting to look at my food and drinks so if I had to guess I would say he will be ready in about a month.  (NOTE: MOTHER...this means not sneaking him tastes when we see you in a week!) =)     

The stats:

Weight: 15 pounds 14 ounces, 53rd percentile

Height: 27 inches, 94th percentile
We still have one tall skinny boy over here! 

  • Jumper

We have the Evenflo Jumper and so far we like it.  

Now that Parker has pretty good head control I put together a few new toys for him.  So far he has only been in his jumper one time.  Kyle and I were both sitting there watching him talking about how unsafe it looked. He seemed to be having a good time though.  Hahaha…first time parents? Paranoid? Protective? =) I will take it back out soon and try it again....when he (I’m) is ready! ;)  

  • Exersaucer

We have the Baby Einstein Exersaucer and I am really impressed with it.   It seems to be high quality metal which is so much better than the flimsy plastic a lot of the exersaucers are made of.  It does take up quite a bit of space but it’ll be worth it if it keeps our little man entertained!

Parker is getting use to the exersaucer by the day.  A couple weeks ago when I first introduced it to him he wasn’t very fond of it.  Now he will jump around for 10-15 minutes before he starts to fuss.  I still have to place a towel or blanket around his waist and chest otherwise he is all over the place.  

  • Crib sleeper

Yes, you read right!!! Parker is sleeping in his crib.  It was tough (for me, not him, haha) but we made it.  The first night was a little rough but not nearly as bad as I was thinking it would be.  For the most part Parker sleeps through the night.  Recently there have been a few nights where he will flip over to his belly and won’t flip himself back so he gets all sorts of upset.  It’s funny because he learned how to roll from belly to back first and now it’s like he forgot…silly boy.  

Overall, the transition to crib wasn’t bad at all.  Yes, there are nights where I have to go flip him over 8 times (like last night) but it’s not like he is throwing a fit and demanding food (yes, 4 months old can demand food). 

  • Sleeps on side

For now, Parker is a side sleeper just like his Daddy and Mommy.  He use to only sleep on his back and I do occasionally find him sleeping on his tummy but it doesn’t happen all that often.  

  • Squeals

This is Parker’s newest talent!! I have yet to get a video of it but I promise I will soon.  It is a mix of cuteness and annoyingness. Imagine the highest and loudest squeal ever + an annoyingly screechy yell and there ya go!! Get excited for the video, haha!  

  • Rolling all over

Last month Parker was only rolling belly to back and it didn’t happen all that often.  Things have changed!! He is now rolling back to belly ALL THE TIME!  I will lay him down on his back on his play mat and before I turn around he is on his belly.  Like I mentioned up above, he is now rarely rolling belly to back.  He decided it wasn’t cool anymore.  Hopefully that’ll change soon.  I see baby proofing in my very near future!! ;)

In a little over a week we are going to California.  We are so excited for Parker to meet everyone and spend so time with friends and family.  Weather here in Tennessee is starting to cool down a little and it's not TOO humid anymore.  FACT: I will never get use to humidity! =)

Onto another month!