Sunday, February 27, 2011

Merry Christmas...

Happy New Year...

Happy Birthday To ME!...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Now I am all caught up. =)

Life has been busy, crazy, exciting and new!   Before we get to all of that...I'll recap a little to get everyone up to speed on "us".  Exciting stuff has taken place people....

Christmas (seems like it was so long ago) was spent in Utah.  We had a nice 10 day stay so we got to spend a lot of time with family.  It is great to be with family during the holidays.

New Years was also spent in Utah with Kyle's family.  It was a great night!  We went out for an awesome Mexican dinner and then back to Marc's and Karen's for appetizers and  sparkling cider.  It was a great way to bring in the New Year!

Happy Birthday To ME!  EK!  25 years old!  Now, I know that is not really OLD but can I just say...I am feeling OLD!  Kyle is going to be 27 this year and I just can't believe it.  Another great birthday with Kyle and Xena.  It was nice to just be home and not out of town having somewhere to go.  We relaxed, had an amazing dinner and watched out shows.  PERFECT time in my book! =)

Happy Valentine's Day!  Having Valentine's Day on a Monday is no fun so this year we celebrated on Saturday since I work late on Monday's.  We went out for a fabulous dinner to Trappers Chop House here in Parker.  AMAZING!  All of our food was cooked and served of hot stones.  If you haven't experienced anything like this before, you must!

Wow, there we go!

Like I said, life has been busy.  We finally got back into the swing of things after the holidays so it was back to normal life.  Work, play, work, play!  Kyle's work has been going great as well as mine.  Kyle recently passed a huge test, the Series 7.  He studied for months and it paid off!  90%!  WOOHOO BABY!  Xena is going to be 2 years old this coming April and for the next 1 1/2 weeks we are still living here in Parker Colorado.

We are moving!!!!  Nashville here we come.  Last weekend Kyle and I were in Nashville looking at houses and just experiencing the Southern lifestyle.  We loved it in Nashville!  The food is amazing, the people are super friendly and we are really excited about the opportunity.  We are moving officially on  March 9th and Kyle's starts in the Franklin/Nashville office on March 14th.  Everything is coming up so fast so blogging will be put on the back burner for a good 2 weeks or so.  I will be back though....promise!

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  1. Yeah! I love this post, especially the beginning " there we are caught up!" nice recaps! Fun talking the other day! I freaking miss you guys! One day we'll meet again! ha