Friday, April 29, 2011

An Easter Weekend

Happy (belated) Easter!

Hope everyone had a great day with there loved ones.  Since we now live WAY too far away from family to be traveling back for every single holiday, we spent the weekend in Atlanta with some good friends.  Our friends invited us down to there home in Atlanta and we had a great time.  There was a lot of food, shopping, mini golf and video games involved.  Good times!

Kyle and I are sort of obsessed with the Man vs. Food show as of late.  Since we live in a new part of the country that we never thought we would live in, we have be exploring and finding all the hot spots to go eat at.

Here in Nashville we went to Jack's BBQ.  We were told and saw that it was best BBQ in town and everyone was right!  It was amazing and still the best BBQ I have had EVER!

In Atlanta we went to Vortex.  It is a burger spot with a bar type of feel.  It was great!  There were TV's all over (it's basketball finals so there HAD to be TV's) and had a really cool feel to it. Man vs. Food went here and at the largest burger ever!  So many choices.

Crazy much?  Yes!  But delicious!  So if you are ever in the ATL and want a good burger this is the place to go!

We went to a few other great spots as well, played 3 rounds of mini golf (Kyle won of course) ;) and made a traditional Easter dinner on Sunday. It was just perfect!

                                         Happy Easter!

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