Monday, June 20, 2011

Stay at home longer...

That’s right; I am a working woman now! 

Kyle has been supporting me (hehe) and I haven’t minded getting settled and pretty much doing whatever, whenever I want.  Being a stay at home wife really isn’t bad…at all! =)  

When we first moved here to Tennessee I told myself that I wasn’t going to settle for the first job opportunity that came up, unless I was positive that it was perfect for me.  Well..let’s just say that I am SOOO glad that I didn’t settle after my first interview/offer.  Being in the dental field it is important that you find an office that you know you will be happy at, that was the most important thing to me…being happy.  Now, I was happy at my old office in Colorado but I had heard some not so great stories and I didn’t want to be stuck in an ugly situation.  

Anyways, I have found the best office! The office is super close to our house which is great.  The people are AMAZING!  The Dr. is so kind and wonderful.  I am super lucky that I only have to work 4 days a week.  I LOVE it!  

It’s a great feeling when you are happy and excited about going to work!

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