Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas Craziness & yes...another Baby Shower

Woohoo, traveling season is now done for us!  I love seeing family and going on vacation but I am starting to realize that I love being home and having my routine just as much. =)  The end of summer and beginning of winter is when we travel the most so come the New Year we are usual back into the swing of things.  

We just got home from California which is where we spent Christmas this year.  Kyle and I both love going home to California so much because that is where most of our friends are, along with my amazing family!  We were able to be in California for a little over a week and we had a blast.  We always go to our favorite eateries...In N Out, Round Table, Mongolian BBQ and of course Villa Corona (Kyle’s all time favorite).  I was able to spend a good amount of time with my little nephew who I don’t get to see all that much! Kids grow up way too fast! ;) 

Sleep over time!  There was a lot of jewelery making and car building going on.

Bed time!

Christmas was great as always!  Presents, family, food and love…perfect combo (not in that order, haha.)  

My parents beautiful tree!

Let the present opening begin...

and Christmas night coming to an end.

We also had baby shower #2 with my family which was awesome!  My Mom picked out the cutest theme for the baby shower which was Dr. Seuss.  It was very whimsical, fun and colorful.  Again, Parker got spoiled more than ever and he isn’t even here yet!  


Good eats!

Thank you again to everyone for coming to the baby shower and spoiling Parker like crazy!!

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