Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Happy 2 Month Birthday!!

Our sweet little Parker is another month older, crazy! What is even crazier is how much he has changed in the last month.  He is developing a cuter personality (if it’s even possible ;)) and is making Kyle and I laugh all the time.  Never did I think that I would actually be laughing out loud because of something Parker did at 2 months of age.  I think he has a bit of his Daddy’s personality! ;) 

On to the monthly updates:

  • 2 month check up.

      Today was the day! It was the day I had to be mean Mommy and knowingly bring Parker to get poked a prodded. I don’t think any parent likes to see their child screaming hysterically.  No fun! Besides the 3 shots and the oral vaccination the appointment went really well.  I was told that Parker is going to be tall and lean…sounds good to me! 
The stats:

Weight: 12 pounds 14 ounces (60th percentile)

Height 25 ¾ inches (99th percentile…yikes!!!!!)

Wow buddy!  Slow down already! =( At birth Parker weighed 8 pounds 10 ounces so he has packed on several pounds over the last 2 months, but not enough!! His doctor said that she would like to see him be a little heavier simply because he is so LONG! My mission for the next 2 months is to beef this kid up! ;)
The doctor said that Parker is right on track with everything else.  He was cooing, smiling and following her with his eyes which were all some of the things she was looking for. 

  • Blessing. 
 A couple weeks ago Parker was blessed at church.  It was so special!  Kyle did a great job and I cried like a baby, haha. 

  • Swimming for the first time.

See the post below for the details!  Overall, it was a good first experience…I think! He didn’t look happy (what 1 month old does?) and he didn’t scream his head off.  Win, win! ;)

  • First visit to the zoo.

Again, see the post below for the details.

  • Legs/neck are getting stronger.

I knew before birth that Parker had strong legs…he was non-stop with the rib kicking…thanks again Parker!  He loves to just lay on his play mat and kick and when we hold him he is continuously pushing up with his legs over and over again.  He can now hold his neck up/steady his head for a good amount of time as well.  It does get all wobbly from time to time though so we still have to be careful.     

  • LOVES his play mat.

Parker playing with his play mat happens several times a day.  He usually has an AM and PM playing session lasting 40 minutes to an hour each time!  It is crazy how much the kid loves it!  Play mat time consists of a lot of kicking, swatting, cooing, giggles, smiles and singing…talk about cuteness overload! ;)

 Xena is such a good big sister!!

  • Cooing/babbles all the time!

Over the last few weeks Parker's cooing/babbling has really picked up.  I honestly think it is because of Kyle! Part of their "nightly bonding time" consists of them cooing at each other, haha.  Kyle starts it off of course and Parker doesn’t hold back!

It goes a little something like this:

Daddy:  Owwwwwww…

Parker: Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…

Daddy: Ahhhhhh…owwwww….ohhhh….

Parker: Ahhhhhh……owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…………………..ohhhh…

Get the idea?  Crazy nights are going on over here! ;)  Maybe I will be able to catch it on video one of these nights. =)

  • Smiles!

Baby smiles with dimples may be the cutest thing ever! Parker is full of smiles all throughout the day….and night!!  When I am putting him to bed at night he is always sneaking in little smiles.  I feel like he is saying “Mom, let me stay up with you and Dad, come on!”  Once this kid is older I think I might be in trouble.  

I can see this happening already:

Parker: Mommy, pleaseeee let me get this double chocolate sugar packed Twix and Snickers…

Mommy: No, I don’t think so.

Parker: ::smiles:: Mommy, please?

Mommy: Okay! ;)

Hahahaha…I need to toughen up already! 

  • Sleeping through the night.

Woohoo!!  Parker has been sleeping through the night for 3 – 4 weeks already and it has been total bliss! The first couple of nights it happened I kept telling Kyle that it was a fluke and that soon it would go back to normal (waking once a night).  Nope!! This 2 month old sleeps through the night and he sleeps hard!  We are working on putting Parker to bed a little earlier and I am hoping that doesn’t mess up his sleeping through the night.  I am very grateful for his sleeping through the night because everything that I have read and the doctor said that babies usually don’t sleep through the night until 4ish months! Go Parker!!

  • Hates tummy time...still.

Parker is still HATING tummy time.  I attempt it every single day and he never lasts longer than 2 minutes.  He licks the blanket, attempts to look around and starts crying.  Poor guy hates it!  I even lay down with him so he can see that it is normal and know that he’s not alone and it doesn’t make a difference.  

  • Pulls his own hair.

Parker has pulled his hair since he was 3 days old.  One night Kyle and I were lying around watching TV and all of a sudden Parker started screaming LOUD!  I looked over and he had his fist tightly yanking on his own hair!!  I finally get him to loosen his fist and he instantly stopped crying.  Silly boy!  We have caught him doing this several times and it cracks me up.  Poor thing doesn’t realize that it is him causing the pain.

  • Loves going on walks.

We have been bringing Parker on walks since he has been 5 days old so it’s nothing new, but he loves them!  I take Parker and Xena for a walk every morning and we usually go for a walk at night as well.  Parker is either laying in the stroller or being carried in a baby carrier. He loves them both!   

Another month down!!

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