Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy 4th of July from UTAH!

4th of July is my favorite holiday, don’t ask why.  Every single year Kyle asks “Val, your favorite holiday is coming up!” He then says “Why is it your favorite holiday again!?” I always say the same thing, “I like sparklers!” Haha, that isn’t really the reason, I just don’t have a good reason so naturally I say what any 3 year old kid would say, haha.

Last minute, Kyle and I decided that we wanted to go to Utah for the 4th of July.  It made me sad to think that our families wouldn’t see Parker as a baby.  He is just so cute and fun that I had to share with everyone! ;) We made an extra long weekend out of it and had a blast.  

Like always, when we go to Utah we spend all of our time with family, which we LOVE! Living away from all of our family makes us really miss everyone so when we are there we like to get together with everyone as much as possible.  

On July 4th Kyle’s parents had everyone over for a BBQ.  It was awesome! We got to see everyone and introduce Parker, eat tons of food and watch AMAZING fireworks.  Seriously, if it is up to me we will be going to Utah for every 4th of July.  ;) 

Photo recap:

July 4th
 Kyle's cousin Cody with baby Camden, Kyle and Parker!  These two little munchkins (the babies, not the Daddy's, haha) are only 1 month apart!  If you had to guess you would probably say that Parker was older, but he isn't!  Camden is 1 month older!  We can't wait to get these two together again for Christmas!

 We put on a little firework show of our own!  4th of July isn't complete without fireworks! ;)

 Lizzie holding Parker!  She was so sweet with him! She didn't like if he cried at all so she was always trying to bring him things to make him happy, haha.  Sweet girl!

 Grandma and Parker!  Poor Parker just wanted a lick of Lizzie's sucker!

Pizza Night with the Anthony's!
We also got to visit with the Anthony's when we were in Utah!  Britton, Courtney and Kaden live in Utah but Donnell, Colton, Grandpa and Grandpa drove over from Idaho!  I am so glad that Grandpa and Grandma got to meet Parker! 

 Me and Kaden, Courtney and Parker! 
Another cousin! Baby Kaden is a month younger than Parker and is such a doll! 

 Grandpa and Grandma Anthony with Parker.

The three of us with Grandpa and Grandma Anthony.


Cousins! Lizzie, Nathan, Parker and Kaden

Grandma Anthony hanging out with Parker.
Grandma Howell with Parker.

Mommy and Parker.

Aunt Donnell's Birthday Lunch in Salt Lake
Lunch at The Lion House Pantry

Grandpa and Grandma Anthony 

Random Happenings...
Lunch time!  Parker and I with Kirsten and Camden!
Spending time with Grandma Howell

Uncle Jason with Parker.

Nathan lookin' cute!

Kaden's Blessing
We were so lucky to be able to attend baby Kaden's blessing at church.  It was so special! Thank you Britton and Courtney for letting us be a part of Kaden's special day!
Our last day...
Three generations!

Leaving for the airport.

Another awesome Utah trip.  We had a blast and it was great seeing everyone.  See everyone during Christmas!! =)


  1. We can't wait for Christmas! We loved seeing you guys! Love and miss you! Give that little stud muffin (Parker) a kiss from us!! :)

  2. Also, I love the picture of all our boys! Would you mind emailing it to me?!