Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving & Our 1st Baby Shower

This year Kyle and I spent Thanksgiving in Utah with family and friends.  Our flights weren’t bad at all, thankfully.  Now that we live in Nashville there aren’t any direct flights to see family so we get to have a layover every time! ;) That’s what we get for moving so far from everyone! 

It is always great going to Utah because there is so much family that lives close together.  It makes it real easy to get together for games, food, movies, baking and catching up…perfect little vacation.  

This year I am thankful for so many things, I don't even know where to begin.  

Just a few:

Our Heavenly Father whom I receive blessings from every single day...
A wonderful caring husband that supports and loves me...
Our families and there unconditional love for both Kyle and I...
Baby Parker - he has blessed our lives so much and he isn't even hear yet

We were also blessed enough to have our first baby shower!  We planned on having our baby showers a little early just so I don’t have to fly all over when I am huge and uncomfortable.  Kyle’s Mom and Aunt’s did an AMAZING job planning the shower and getting everything together.  I was so impressed.  Kyle’s Aunt Karen had the shower at her house and really went above and beyond with all of the little details.  She is so crafty and creative!  Everything turned out perfect.  It was great seeing all the family and friends and being able to catch up.  

Thank you to everyone who came to the shower!  Baby Parker is already so very spoiled!!

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