Saturday, May 12, 2012

1 month old!!

     I knew it would happen and I was warned over and over and everyone is right...time is flying by!!!!  It makes me sad to think that Parker is already a month old and I feel like a bad Mom for admitting it but I can't help it!

     Every day he is changing and growing.  He has the sweetest little personality that I am still getting to know and I feel so blessed to be his Mommy.  Our days are slowly but surely becoming more predictable and everything is starting to feel routine and normal.  

     Since this blog will be mainly (if not all) about Parker I decided to start monthly updates.  It will be about what Parker is up to and what milestones he is accomplishing.  I think it will be nice to one day look back and remember all of these little memories and milestones.  

  •   Eating every 3 – 4 hours, both day and night.

In the first few weeks Parker would eat every 2 hours so I happy to say that he is now eating every 3 – 4 hours.  When he was 3 weeks old there was one night where he slept and didn’t wake for 5 hours!!  It was a fluke…I will forever remember that one night…haha.
  • · Loves his Snug a Bunny swing.

I am so lucky to have so many different items to entertain Parker.  He has his swing, bouncer,     Rock N Play, play mat and of course his crib and bassinet but those aren’t of any interest to him yet. ;) Out of everything I would say that Parker loves his swing the most.  There have been a few times where he is just fussing and nothing can calm him.  I set him in his swing and he instantly stops his fussing/crying.  He also takes almost all of his naps in his swing…I love that thing!!! ;)

  • · Smiling more and more every day.

Call me crazy but this child smiles…a lot…and no I don’t think it is just randomly from gas.  I have read a lot of books and websites that say when babies unintentionally smile at this age it is due to gas.  I disagree. There have been a couple times where Parker is smiling so big and it seems like he is about to giggle at any second…but doesn’t.  I can’t wait until he is giggling! Oh the things I now look forward to...haha.

His overly tired smile that I just happened to catch.

  • · Focuses on our faces.

Parker has been focusing on mine and Kyle’s faces for a few weeks now.  A good amount of his awake time right now is spent with me in his face babbling away, haha.  We have had some good staring contests!  He focuses mainly on our mouths and hair…if only I knew what he was thinking! ;)

  • · Focuses on objects on the wall.

I can’t even tell you how much time Parker spends staring at pictures and random objects on the wall.  During his first appointment with the pediatrician she said that he will start my focusing on faces and then wall objects and that is exactly what he loves to do at this age.  I am glad that the doctor said it is normal though, otherwise I might be a little concerned that he seems content just staring at walls with boring pictures on them.  ;) 

  • · Likes to copy Daddy’s mouth.

While Kyle was doing some research on what Parker should be doing and accomplishing at this age he came across a site that said babies will start to copy facial expressions.  Ever since he read that article he has “face copy” time with Parker daily.  I will say that it is absolutely adorable to watch and Parker does really well at keeping up with Daddy.  

  • ·Twitches like a crazy man in his sleep.

Poor kid is just like his Daddy.  Kyle is a crazy twitcher (yes, I know that’s not a word) in his sleep and Parker seems just as crazy.  He can be in a dead sleep and then all of a sudden his arms and legs are straight in the air.  Poor thing!

  • ·Grunts and hums while eating, even during night time feedings.

I LOVE this!  It is so sweet and I know that it is something I am going to miss.  

  • · Claws his face like crazy.

This entire week little man has been mitt free and if you were to look at his face, you would be able to tell.  No matter what length his nails are he still manages to claw himself like a crazy man when he gets upset.  Debate of the day: should I continue to mitt him or not?  Tough decision…I know! ;)

  • ·Fussy afternoons.

This week starting at 4:30PM Parker decided that he is going to start to fuss and get grumpy.  Fun, right?  Perfect timing…I am usually trying to start dinner and Kyle is walking in the door.  Several times this week Kyle has said “Our kid doesn’t like me, huh?” I have told him several times that this is just Parker’s fussy time but I’m not so sure he believes me.  Poor guy.

  • ·Loves bath time.

Parker takes after his Mommy and loves his baths! As long as I have the water warm enough then little man is good to go.  Once baths aren’t in the sink and he can actually play, I’m sure he’ll love them that much more.  

  • ·Likes having his diaper changed.

The first week of life he hated being naked and getting his diaper changed…he has since had a change of heart.  Parker will be screaming and as soon as I lay him down to change his diaper the screaming suddenly stops and he is one happy kid.  

  • ·Loves to sleep on or in between Daddy and Mommy.

This is a habit that I am happy to say I have broke in the last 4 weeks…go me! In the beginning he would only sleep on Kyle or me.  I was going crazy!  Slowly by surely he has adjusted to sleeping at night and napping during the day all by himself.  There are still times where he will fall asleep on me and then once I put him in his swing he will be wide awake,  but I can’t even begin to say how much progress I have made. 

  • ·Hates and refuses to sleep in his bassinet. 

Fun, huh?  We have this awesome bassinet set up right next to our bed and I think he has slept in it a total of 4ish hours. I tried it again last night and he lasted, at most, 10 minutes.  I think the kid hates sleeping directly on his back but I am still going to try a few times a week to see if he will get use to it.  

  • ·Loves sleeping in his Rock N Play.

If you have a baby and don’t have a Rock N Play, get one!  No really, they are awesome.  We were told by one of Kyle’s co-workers that we needed to have one and I am so glad that I picked on up before Parker arrived.  He sleeps in it every night (for the most part) and loves it.  

Well, there we have it!  I can't wait to see what next month is going to bring!

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