Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!!!

Happy Memorial Day!!

Yay for extra long weekends over here! Kyle took off Friday so we could have a nice and long 4 day weekend together.  We were planning on going somewhere, just to get away, but that sadly didn’t happen.  We were talking about going to the beautiful mountains, good ol’ ATL, ghetto Memphis and fabulous Florida but after thinking about how Parker has been doing in the car lately, we decided against it.  He hasn’t been that bad in the car but for whatever reason he has decided that he doesn’t like it when I stop. 

Driving in peaceful bliss enjoying the sunny day…

Stop at a stop light…

Unleash the outrageous crying/screaming/yelling at top of lungs like a crazy boy, tears and all…

Light turns green…

Instant silence! 

Crazy boy!?

On Saturday we decided to head to Nashville and go to the Farmer’s Market.  I LOVE Farmer’s Markets and I usually go to the one in our town every Saturday morning.  The one in Nashville is open 7 days a week from 8AM-6PM, kinda crazy.  It was pretty awesome and there were so many local venders.  

After the Farmer’s Market we tried to go to a “beach lake”.  I had never heard of a beach lake before but they have several here in Nashville.  As we pulled up it was being closed off due to being over crowded.  I was so disappointed!  All of us had our suits on, I had snacks and I was so excited to take Parker in the water for the first time.  

Since the lake was a no go we decided to go to one of the pools a home.  It was 100 degrees out meaning the pools were packed so we decided to just head over to the kiddy pool where there were only a few people. Parker looked a little unsure about the whole thing but he didn’t cry until got out.  We were in the pool 5 – 10 minutes and over all I think he liked it!

First time swimming!!!


As soon as I laid him down in the stroller, I took this picture and he was passed out!  Poor boy was hot and worn out!

On Monday we went back up to Nashville for a nice lunch downtown at a yummy Mexican restaurant.  It was nice to have a long relaxing weekend with the 3 of us! 

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