Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy 3 Month Birthday!!

All videos are iPhone quality, sorry!


3 Month Photos

  • First airplane ride
At the ripe old age of 3 months Parker went on his first flight!  Kyle and I were both a little nervous about the flight, especially since we had a layover.  We both did a lot of research online for tips and advice on flying with a little one.  Luckily Parker was a perfect little angel!  It was such a relief.  Parker ate and slept through every flight.  I think the sound of the plane put him to sleep so it worked out perfectly!!  We are going to California at the end of August so hopefully he will do just as good!!

Late night flight home from Utah!
  • Teething
I know this kid is only 3 months old but he is for sure teething.  We have some serious drool pools, nomming on hands and night waking going on over here.  He has several teething toys/rings but isn’t really sure what to do with them yet so unless I hold them in his mouth they aren’t getting used quite yet.  I’m sure he will figure it out soon enough!
  • Wakeful nights
So….my sleeping through the night streak has come to an end!!  What a sad day that was!  It is my own fault….I think.  I am the mean Mommy that insisted on transitioning from inclined sleeping to flat sleeping and ever since then he has not slept through the night.  Parker is now use to sleeping flat but between teething and a growing spurt he is STILL not sleeping through the night.  I know that I was lucky that he slept through the night before so now I am paying for it. ;)    
  • First belly laugh
July 5th was the day!!  We were in Utah and I was getting Parker ready for bed.  I leaned over and gave him a funny/noise kiss on his neck and he let out a super loud belly laugh!!  I called Kyle over and he started making faces and noises at him and he did it again!  I am such a sap…I got all watery eyed!  Parker now laughs a good belly laugh several times a day.  I LOVE it!
  • Rolling from belly to back
Keep rollin’ rollin’ rollin’!  Parker is a pro at rolling tummy to back.  Tummy time barely exists anymore because as soon as I place him on his belly he flips right over to his back.  We repeat this cycle several times a day since I want him to do actual tummy time to strengthen his neck.  I think I’m losing this battle. =)

  • Likes tummy time now
Like I said above, tummy time barely exists anymore.  On the rare occasion that he does stay on his tummy he is enjoying it.  He now can hold his head up really well when lying on his tummy so he can actually see what’s going on.  I place a little mirror in front of him and he loves to just look at himself. 
  • Gags himself daily
This is both funny and scary to watch.  His hands are always in his mouth now but all of a sudden I will hear gagging noises.  I look over and such enough he is full on gagging.  By the time I sprint over to him his hands are out of his mouth and he is just staring at me like some crazy lady.  The look on his face cracks me up every time.  I’m sure he will eventually realize that he is the one doing it but until then he will continue to freak me out several times a day.
  • Discovered his feet
Oh to be a baby! A couple weeks ago Parker found his feet and he loves them.  Just this week toes now go into the mouth.  Lovely.  A good amount of time every day is spent just checking his feet out and he is especially interested in them if I put socks on him.  Fun times! =)
  • Loves staring at the TV
Call me a bad Mommy if you wish but Parker loves watching TV! It’s not like he is sitting in front of the TV staring at it all day, don’t judge me! ;) His play mat is in the middle of the family room and no matter what position I put him in he ends up facing the TV.  All of those bright flashing colors are entertaining I guess!
  • Sleeping flat
Woohoo! Parker is no longer sleeping in his Rock N Play.  This is a huge deal for us.  I can tell that he still isn’t super fond on sleeping flat but he will just have to get use to it.  ;)
  • Blows bubbles
See for yourself.  Sorry for the side angle.

In our free time I love to do random photo shoots of Parker.  He is awesome and doesn't mind at all!  Here are a few of my favorites!  His expressions say it all....

Stop changing so much little man!!! ;)

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